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ETS Restorations, Inc. has been repairing and replacing home exteriors with long-lasting results for decades. We can provide you with whatever you need. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver only the best results. Use our services today to discover why we have been a trusted name for over 25 years.

Our exterior works include:

New Home ConstructionIf you have recently purchased a lot, it is critical to select a partner to assist you in building your dream home from the ground up. We are a team you can rely on.

Exterior House PaintingThis involves painting the shingles, roof, or siding of your home, not the walls of your living room which is found inside of your home.

New Roof InstallationThis involves work on the roof’s structural framework, such as installing roof decking or sheathing, underlayment, and then completing the outer layer.

Chimney Repair–  The flues of older chimneys are frequently cracked and damaged. Once these are observed, a chimney repair is required to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Exterior Brick InstallationBricks not only improve the appearance of your home; they also make your home wind resistant.

Metal Roof InstallationMetal roof installations provide reliable protection for your home, with some of the best safety ratings for hail, wind, and even fire.

Pressure WashingWe offer this cleaning method that employs a high-pressure spray of water. Water’s force can successfully knock away stubborn filth like dirt.

Wall RestorationMany variables such as water and wind may damage your wall. We work on complete painting, drywalls, and many more.

Outdoor Fireplace DesignContact ETS Restorations, Inc. for the best artistic and architectural fireplace design at a reasonable price.

Trust the Experts at ETS Restorations, Inc.

When you hire a design-build construction company like ETS Restorations, Inc., you get the convenience of a one-stop shop. We combine renovation design and construction to offer our customers a seamless construction project from beginning to end.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Projects run smoothly as a result of this well-coordinated process, your overall construction costs are reduced, and there are few schedule delays.

The following are the steps we take and considerations we make to ensure we deliver the best results:

  1. Home Visitation

We come to your house, take measurements and photos, talk about your ideas, and create a preliminary budget.

  1. First Proposal

Our initial proposal, along with designs and project scope, is sent to you.

  1. Contracting and Design

The contract price and design, as well as the start and completion dates, is agreed upon.

  1. Financing

This is when we obtain the necessary funding to realize the project.

  1. Selections

Here we let you make choices for your project (cabinetry, flooring, paint, lighting, etc.).

  1. Work Timetable

We make sure to come on time, follow the time timetable and review it as needed.

  1. Construction

This is when the building process begins.

  1. Project Manager

Your project manager is available to answer any questions you may have at any time during the construction process.

  1. Final Inspection

After your construction project is completed, your project manager will conduct a final orientation and walkthrough with you.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service from ETS Restorations, Inc. is available for you to contact even after the project is completed.

  1. Follow Up

We conduct a 30-day follow-up call to ensure the project has been completed to your satisfaction.

ETS Restorations, Inc. can assist you with any exterior project, large or small, from new home construction to pressure washing. We are always available whenever you need us. We have a variety of home improvement projects for you to choose from. To learn more, contact us today.

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