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A retaining wall can help with ground slope management, water drainage and runoff, and erosion control. Retaining walls come in many different shapes and sizes. They must be both visually appealing and long-lasting.

We customize your retaining wall design to meet your specific requirements and preferences. We also provide expert advice on retaining wall designs that are both beautiful and functional.

ETS Restorations, Inc. works with retaining walls and patios to make sloped areas useful.

There are several types of retaining walls, which include:

  • Garden retaining walls
  • King post
  • Hollow block
  • Precast L shape
  • Inclined
  • Reinforced block

Our services include:

New Retaining Wall & Step ConstructionA retaining wall must first be designed before it can be built. For the retained earth and ground bearing pressure, some ground investigation data is usually required. ETS Restorations, Inc.’s experts can assist you with design and construction.

New Seawall Constructionseawall is an essential component of your waterfront property. Seawalls prevent erosion, which can be caused by a variety of factors. The wall’s condition and stability directly protect your property. Allow us to assist you with seawall construction.

Seawall ReplacementYour property may already have a seawall, but it can deteriorate over time which may require a repair or a replacement. We work with seawall repair if it is an option. Our experts will advise you on whether a seawall repair or replacement is the best option.

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ETS Restorations, Inc. is a trusted retaining wall contractor that handles retaining wall construction, and seawall replacement and construction. We have all of the resources and equipment required to complete your home or business improvement or restoration projects. We have everything you could ever need in terms of service offerings. Get in touch with us. We’d glad to assist you.

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We Cater To Retaining Wall Construction and Seawall Replacement.

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